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Hi! I am Jessica, or as friends call me, Jake (a nickname I picked up playing way too much basketball with way too many Jessica's). The nickname is only fitting, seeing as how I am married to a Rocky, have a daughter named Georgia (7/22/08), a son named Houston (4/2/10), and rounding off the threesome is our baby girl Charlotte April (3/28/12). We like to give people something to talk about.

I am full-time SAHM, with part-time A.D.H.D. I believe in sunshine, homemade cookies, baby wearing, cloth diapers, honesty, MacGyver, and a healthy dose of optimism.

I started this blog with the intent of doing giveaways, and crafting, and all sorts of awesomeness!  However, I felt the need to share about our family's journey with my husband's alcoholism. So what started as a blog hoping to make the world a little more crunchy, has now become an endeavor in bringing awareness to a closed door issue. Some day I hope to put this all into a big fat book to serve as a hand that leads others along their own journey.

While there is a focus on the Secret Society of an Alcoholic's Wife, you'll still get my random musings on life, family, and motherhood - the good, the bad, the ugly and the fugly! I'm outspoken, a little too opinionated and I often say the wrong thing at the right time (insert foot in mouth here). How I type is how I speak - no surprises here.

So come join me and let's get real.

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