Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why is Mommy's Bed So Fun?

Rocky and I are not co-sleepers. #1) because I am 6ft tall and our bed is a queen. #2) Rocky is a deep sleeper and has placed his pillows on a tiny one once (she was okay, but it freaked me out!). #3) the bed is a place for mommy & daddy to reconnect at night as Rocky & Jessica, husband and wife. In fact, Houston has NEVER slept in our bed. There was never a need for him to. He enjoys sleeping on his tummy in his own bed (yes, I'm a bad mom and ignore ALL doctor's advice for back sleeping - please judge!)

BUT, mommy and daddy's bed is still a place for tickles, and cuddles, and laundry! Rocky was working late the other night, and I passed the time by letting them lay on the bed with me.

Tired babies + big bed = utter silliness.

They started out so sweet and innocent, drinking their milk in their jammies
with their Fresh 1 Blankies.

Houston started feeling a little wiggly. This is the beginning of chaos.

Georgia was still trying to be sweet, but the giggles were creeping up.

How can you sit still and be sweet when you have a little brother like that?

After that, I couldn't even get pictures of their faces.

Sacks of potatoes on my bed.

You try co-sleeping with that!

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  1. I love this! This is what its all about!

  2. LOL! Mommy's bed is for wrassling, hands down.

    a) I did not believe in tummy sleepers until Olivia was born. Olivia does not believe in back sleepers. Olivia wins.

    b) daddies just do not have that wakeup-panic thing, hey? My hubby has rolled onto both kids. We coslept with my older one for a while because for a few months it was the only way she'd sleep, but from day one she was a SIREN. If he even started thinking about rolling a little bit in her direction she sounded off. Olivia just whimpers even if he's on her, but it's enough to have me waking up and defending her.