Monday, January 30, 2012

His Truck Rolled

What an exciting week we've had at the Mommy Needs an Aspirin House!

On Wednesday, January 25th, my husband was involved in a car accident where his truck rolled. Thought I'd share some of the pictures and how amazing it was that he WALKED away...actually DROVE away from the accident.

Rocky left work at 3p on Wednesday afternoon. He and his passenger headed home on Highway 76 (in San Diego, CA). This particular highway was a lot of stop lights and turn offs - it's more of a major road.  They were stopped at a traffic light when my husband caught sight of a car in his rear view mirror speeding way too fast towards his rear bumper. He didn't have anytime to say anything to his passanger, other than to grab hold of him.

The other driver hit Rocky's vehicle (which was at a dead stop) going approximately 60mph with little to no braking.  The force of the vehicle going underneath Rocky's bumper flipped (rolled) his truck like a spatula a complete 360 degrees, landing Rocky's vehicle on it's tires, but facing backwards and stopped on the center divide. Rocky later told me that as the vehicle was struck and begin to roll, he braced himself for the thought that he was going to be impaled by an object, be crunched inside the cab, or whatever else that may happen. SCARY.

Amazingly, Rocky and his passenger were BOTH uninjured - as was the other driver. 

Even MORE amazing - NO ONE stopped to offer help or be a witness. This was during rush hour - with lots of other vehicles on the road. Rocky was the first to dial 911, and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) was there within minutes.

CHP told him if the car could start, it looked okay to drive home. So, that's what Rocky did - he drove home. Now of course, I took him to the emergency room - where he had a minor concussion (obviously by the bump on his forehead and the headache he had), and hip contusion where his body took majority of the impact, and just some slight bruises, whip lash, a scrape on the shoulder...but that's about it.

Pretty amazing right?

Hug your loved ones.

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