Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Honor Thy Construction Worker

I don't know what it is about construction workers.

Hard working, dirty, rough handed, foul-mouthed construction workers.
Maybe because my husband is one?
Or maybe that's just chance?
But they are hot!

And I'm NOT talking about THIS type of construction worker:

or even this type:

I'm talking about the real men that are out there working on roads, hanging from building scaffolding, sweating under the hot sun, doing the work that most of us wouldn't choose to do.

Send me a man with a pair of Red Wing boots, orange shirt, reflective vest, hard hat, Levi's with a hole in the knee and the pocket torn off.

My dad is a business man.
Came home in a tie every single day.
He was out there selling his products to million dollar companies.
He worked hard.
He's handy around the house.
He's strong.
So I know there is nothing wrong with a man in a suit.
They aren't less manly.

But business men are what's in the media.
Bing Image results for "businessman:" 1,020,000
Bing Image results for "construction worker:" 431,000

Construction workers in the media have given us 
Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor from Home Improvement,

and Jim Belushi in According To Jim

Construction work is often not a high paying gig.
And for those that want a traditional American household - 
you know:
home ownership,
2.5 kids,
health insurance, 
yearly vacation - 
the climb to reach those things is a steeper path
than for a man with say, a college degree.

So to honor my hard-working,
dirty, foul-mouthed, rough handed husband,
I'm thinking, this:

or maybe; 

but don't be surprised if you find me on the side of the road, 
doing this:

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  2. I love this! You are a lucky woman. My husband is allergic to to hard labor, lol.

  3. Construction workers needs a lot of recognition. They work hard and even risk their lives just to build functional structures. They are the real deal.

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  4. I can say that construction worker's job is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. It is also considered to be a risky job. These people deserve a recognition indeed. Without them, we won't probably have a good house to provide shelter to our family.

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  5. I join everyone in honoring our construction workers in building our new homes. I have worked as an engineer and I can feel how hard they work in sites.

  6. Construction workers do not just climb ladders. They climb even the tall buildings that the construct, literally and figuratively. They put their passion and dedication in doing hard work. We must make ourselves the construction workers of our lives.