Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'm baaaaaaccck!

Well, apparently having 3 kids will make you go MIA!

We welcomed Charlotte April into the world on March 28, 2012...and life has been crazy since! I guess I should have known when the ENTIRE family had the flu - mom, dad, Georgia, Houston...and I delivered Charlotte anyway...that things were going to get wild.

But none the less, now baby girl is 4 months old, I'm feeling a tad bit more in control, and been having a lot of fun doing some different things - including the launch of my store on Etsy, Right to Cuddle.

So, hang around. Watch out for some interesting posts coming your way. And just because I need to brag, here's some pictures of our newest addition.

Made our way into the world 3/28/12!
Yes! Sisters are awesome!

Keeping it real folding laundry.

One for the paparazzi

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