Thursday, April 4, 2013

Living the Dream

When I was in my teens, I had a conversation with my mom about what I wanted to do after graduation. She asked me where I saw myself in the future. My response: a stay at home mom.
It's what I always wanted to be. I was that little girl stuffing cabbage patch dolls under my tshirt pretending I was pregnant. I always wished some person would abandon a baby in our backyard and we'd get to keep it. I begged and pleaded with my parents to adopt more siblings. 
Eventually I did become pregnant, and it wasn't a cabbage patch doll. My parents never did adopt. And no one every abandoned a baby in our backyard. I checked...often.
Rocky and I tried conceiving about 6 months after our wedding. I always had issues in the reproduction department and several doctors had expressed concern that I wouldn't become pregnant. After a year of trying, I started considering that it might not happen for us. So I inquired to our local county about what is referred to as Fostering-to-Adopt. It was another dream of mine. However, Rocky, who never envisioned having children of his own (and truth be told was beginning his slow spiral into addiction) couldn't even imagine being a father to someone else's child. So I put the dream aside, hoping to pull it out another day.
Well that day has arrived.
Rocky and I have begun the process of becoming foster parents - with the hope of eventually adopting one of our placements. We are enrolled with a private agency, and are attending our second class tonight. I hope to blog about the entire experience. I know I have many loving friends that have expressed interest.
I am usually not one to ask for favors. However, there is an unfortunate side to fostering: and that's prepping your house for placements. I call it unfortunate because there is an out of pocket expense: extra smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, extra locks, fire extinguishers, furniture, bedding, etc. etc. Quite a bit of it we already have, but there is also quite a bit we don't have.
Currently, we are being rushed into the process of fostering as there is a great need in Riverside County, CA (as there is everywhere!). What normally takes 12-15 weeks will probably be completed in 6-8 weeks. So I'm reaching out and asking for help so that we may accommodate placements sooner rather than later.
To the right of my posts you will find a "DONATE" button. Any and all amounts will be so super, wonderfully, graciously, excitedly appreciated. I have reached out to some big box names to ask for help as well (Sleep Train, Home Depot, Jeromes), and hope they can make some miracles happen.
I'll take down the button when our home preparations are completed. And hopefully take pictures along the way to show you the work in progress.

If you are committing to fostering, shouldn't you be prepared to pay up front costs?
Yes. Most definitely. However, we thought this would be a slow process and it would allow us to slowly build up to different purchases. Instead of delaying the process, we thought we'd ask for the communities help in helping us to place a needy child.
To all my family and friends, I love you all very much. Thank you for supporting us in growing our family, and helping children in need.


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