Monday, March 28, 2011

Georgia vs. Behavior Chart

Georgia throwing a temper
at 23mos.
As a mom, an on-going goal is always trying to be a better mom. My newest goal is to try and limit my yelling for emergencies and not for everyday discipline. Staying home all day with my kids sometimes drives me bonkers! I hate hearing myself raising my voice, and I find it completely ineffective. I also hate hearing other moms yell in public (which is something I rarely do).

This might be an older picture of Georgia, and although she no longer throws out her arms and legs in complete protest of EVERYTHING, Georgia is still struggling with the genetic disease of the Terrible Two's.

She doesn't help clean up, she doesn't listen, she hits her brother, she refuses to share; she is just a terrible two year old! I've tried a number of things - reasoning, spanking, time outs, yelling - and I am still having very limited success.

So, Nanny 911 here I come! I have introduced Georgia to the Star Chart System. Since she is at the stage where stickers are gold, we have set-up a chart so that she can earn stickers every day for these simple tasks: listening, sharing, cleaning up, helping, and pulling up her own pants/panties (yes, she even refuses to do this on her own). The chart is color-coded (each color star gets a task), and placed in the most active part of our house, at a level that she can see the stickers, but not grab the chart and run off with it.

Coincidentally, the Star Chart is placed right over her new time out mat! Right now Target has these cute little 18" Safari rugs for $2.50 - perfect size and price for a time-out mat!  I bought 3, and put 2 in storage in case we need to have several time-out spots, or for when the day comes that I have to put multiple children on time-out. I've always had my eye out for mats this size, and it perfect timing they were available at Target the day I went looking for one. Of course, there is an official time-out mat distributed by Bright Products called a Take-Out Time-Out Mat available thru Amazon for $9.63.
Time-Out Spot w/Star Chart Above

Georgia's Chart. Nothing fancy, but it does the trick!
I invested an additional $5 into a digital kitchen timer that sits on the desk next to the time-out spot. Although I have given plenty 'o time-outs before, I never timed them on a timer (and counting in my head just isn't working). So far, Georgia is loving the Star Chart, and I don't feel the need to yell, which is a bigger plus! I know this system isn't a brand new genius idea, but dang it! It sure feels good implementing it into my house!

Do you follow a behavior chart system? Is there a different system that works for you?

To purchase a Take-Out Time-Out Mat by Bright Products, click here.

To print your own free time-out chart, click here.

Happy Disciplining!

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