Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just call me Juan, the Good Wife

Our small front yard: my shrubs that won't grow, my
flower bed expansion project, and our stained front
walk from a beautiful yet messy olive tree.
Our front yard has been an ongoing war between the HOA, crabgrass, and our budget. Today, after planting flowers, edging with the weedwacker, fertilizing, moving pavers, and planting grass seed in dead spots, I realized two things: 1) I feel like a Mexican gardener, 2) Working in the yard makes be a better wife. Please Jessica, explain.

I think #1 is self-explanatory. There is a very small population of non-Hispanic gardeners in Southern California. So please do not be insulted by my reference to this.

#2 I can only offer an explanation by my current point of view as a SAHM. My husband busts his tail 40 hours a week so that I can stay home with the kids. I enjoy my job, and relish in the opportunity that not all people have (yes, this will be followed at some point with a post on the sacrifices I make in order to stay at home). Rocky has a long commute, so doing any kind of projects is out of the question during the week; he's dirty, tired, and hungry.

Our seemingly beautiful backyard was over grown with
5 fruit trees (rat haven), and a wrap-around rotting wood
I want to enjoy my husband on the weekend. I want him to enjoy his kids. I want my husband to enjoy his short time off. I make it a priority to spend time in the yard during the week. This way, Rocky is not obligated to spend time in the yard on the weekend. It leaves time available to go the zoo, explore the new county we live in, enjoy time with friends, attend b-day parties, etc. Just as I prioritize my week to accommodate yard work, I also make sure there is no weekend laundry, no weekend grocery shopping (unless its a Saturday only deal!), and no weekend errands.

A tight budget means projects are completed 1 task at a time.
We extended the keystone wall, replaced the deck with concrete,
added a paver pad for a jacuzzi, purchased a swing set,
planted the bank, and this April we FINALLY get grass!
Now we just need our plants to grow! And yes, I did the keystone
wall extension and laid the paver pad by MYSELF.

I'm not superwoman, and I can only accomplish these tasks because I stay at home. However, I do feel that it is my duty and responsibility to take on these tasks. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, maybe I'm old-school, or maybe I listened to too much Dr. Laura, but I believe full-heartedly that as Rocky's job is to provide, my job is to manage the home, and make his home-life more enjoyable. Yard work may make me feel like a Mexican, but I love the reward of feeling like a good wife.

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