Thursday, March 31, 2011

Warm Weather Means Bathing Beauties

The last couple days of March have been WARM, and I'm certainly not complaining! This will be Houston's first big summer since last summer he was a tiny tot. Today was our first official pool day. I thought I could just sit back and make my grocery list and cut my coupons. SO did not happen! I spent the whole time chasing after Houston. You know what they say though, you always get a better tan if you're out doing something!

Two babies means we need a bigger pool this summer!


(and out, and in, out, in, out and in again)

Both of them running away from the pool....because??

Georgia lounging like a true California Girl.

He may only say 5 words, but look at that boy climb!

YES! Made it. Now what? Oh? Go down the slide backwards? OK!
(I put down the camera for that one!)


Nap time. What a stud in his red diaper.
With his custom Fresh 1 Blankie.

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