Friday, April 1, 2011

Grilled Cheese Friday

Rocky gets paid on Thursday, and as a reward to myself I used to love taking the kids to McD's or Panda on Thursdays or Fridays during the midst of our grocery shopping. However, as the kids get older, and eating out is more work (especially when I don't bring in a stroller and Georgia decides she has to go the bathroom, so I have to put Houston on the bathroom floor so I can hold Georgia on the toilet....eeeewwww), I find myself unwilling to go out for lunch.

Instead, we have Grilled Cheese Fridays, and I obviously, make grilled cheese. The kids can have any other crap they want with it: cheese puffs, animal cookies, oreos. The only rule: they must eat a vegetable or fruit and have a cup of milk. Pretty fair I think!

The kicker: Without fail, every Friday that we make grilled cheese, Georgia tells me that Houston is having "boy cheese." Hahahaha, get it? She thinks grilled cheese is called GIRL cheese. Either that or she has her mommy's poor sense of humor.

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