Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Obama Report vs. Cloth Diaper Lady

Recently the Obama Administration revealed a 97 page report on women entitled "Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-being." The report reveals that while the state of women is improving, our financial strength has stalled, and we still make 75% of a man's income. Are we surprised? NO. And here is my little recent experience to prove the statistics correct.

Mompetition:  The one-up rivalry that moms play making their child seem better, smarter, and/ or more advanced than yours. May involve two or more moms and any number of children, even full-grown.
(Urban Dictionary)

Business Ethics: an amusing oxymoron.
(Urban Dictionary)

Oxymoron: two words that conflict each other. Two words which do not agree with each other.
(Urban Dictionary)

This incident is trivial, but I need to use it for my example. Recently, a cloth diaper store I'm following to try and win a competition, posted about how she couldn't survive without her $50 diaper sprayer. "How do you moms dunk and swish?!" My response, "flushable liners!" Her response, "those are expensive!"
Now, if she was a smart business owner, she would of responded, "yes, those are wonderful too! Have you tried the Osocozy Liners that I sell?" Although her liners are more expensive, if she could convince me on purchasing them, then she would have my continued business if I liked the product. Instead, she inadvertently judged me, implying that I was either misinformed, or rich. Neither which I am.

I hate mompetitions. Why do we do them? Why do we practice them? And why do owners and operators of baby businesses feel the need to practice mompetition in their business ethics?! As a store owner, I don't want your personal opinion on why or how I use a product. And please don't tell me something I use is expensive - implying as if I have money. I cloth diaper, clip coupons, and recycle cans because I have to stretch my dollar as far as I possible, saving the planet is just a bonus. I can sing you the entire Captain Planet theme song - but that's not why I participate in the aforementioned practices.

So, as to my response to the owner of this diaper store. First let me mention, that I am a Welch by marriage, but a Hoffmann by birth. I come from a long line of opinionated, offensive, statistically driven, loud family of Germans. Here's what I told her:
  • I guess it's perspective? I spend approximately $10 every 3 mos for liners because I cut them in half and wash the pee ones. I didn't start using them until my son started eating solids @ 6mos. Theoretically, it would take me 15 mos of using liners to equal a $50 diaper sprayer, so my son would be 21mos and possibly potty training by the time the costs equal out. I guess then it comes down to preference, not expense? ;)
Women, like the owner of this diaper store are what give fodder to the statistics published in the report by the White House. Women think differently than men, most notably by our emotions. She is not my first run in with an opinionated store owner, caught up in the workings of social media. Actually, I believe that social media can kill a company as well as booster a company's success. Yes, there are many actual facts and reasons behind women's lag in financial income. However, this is just one mommy's opinion of what is not stated in the report.

Food for thought! Now BE THE CHANGE Women!

To read the actual report from the White House, please visit the link

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  1. I LOVE this post.
    No brains no headache.

  2. ugh I hate mompetition too. I sure hope i never (unintentionally) get involved in them but I too am a loud opinionated woman from a long line of the same LOL so I prob. have inadvertently said stuff or made comments to people that made them think I was judging. I know this is something I really worry about in my blog posts,i.e. if I am so sold on this and saying how great it is am i implying that if you do it different you are wrong kind of stuff...