Monday, March 21, 2011

Tips To A Great Homemade Cookie

I love to bake my family cookies. My family loves for me to bake cookies. Baking, just like parenting, or driving a car, is a learned skill through trial and error. Perseverance will eventually produce a great cookie, and a love for providing your family homemade goodness!

Keys To A Great Cookie: 
Note: These aren't requirements, and you will find what works for your family and your cookie preference, but for best cookie around, try these helpful tips.

1. Use namebrand ingredients; butter, vanilla, flour, sugar, baking powder, etc. Sometimes store brand ingredients are identical, but sometimes they aren't. Try comparing store brand oreos to real oreos. Definetly a difference!

2. Soften your butter on your countertop, DO NOT microwave.

3. Refridgerate cookie dough overnight for best baking results.

4. Use parchment paper. Easy clean up and provides an even non-stick surface.

5. Don't buy the cheapest cookie sheet/pan at Wally World! $4 more for a better pan isn't going to break the bank.

6. Use cookie sheets/pans for cookies only! Cookies like simple surfaces to cook on. Using pans for regular baking often leaves baked on residue which cookies dislike.

7. Don't be afraid to experiment with recipes. If a cookie isn't tasty enough, or too sweet, or you don't like cinnamon or raisans, just omit or add! If anything, if the cookie turns out horrible, they make great dog biscuits.

8. Enjoy the process! Let the kids help! Eat it raw! Just remember, baking cookies is supposed to be fun!

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