Friday, April 15, 2011

Slurpees & Thrift Stores

Finding a good thrift store is like finding a good slurpee. You have to try all the crappy ones first, suffering through some serious brain freezes, but once you find the right one (Pina Colada), it's the best cool treat for .99$. Here's my great finds from today's shopping spree:

From Left to Right: (top row)
2 Red Gingham Pillow cases with lace (will make FABULOUS dresses for Georgia ) $3.99
Step 2 Car Table $9.99
Ballerina Dress $3.99

From Left to Right: (bottom row)
The Pursuit of Happyness $1.99
Marley & Me $2.99
Afoot & Afield in SD County (I heart this book) $2.99 
I Am A Little Deer $0.99
On The Farm $0.99
Disney's: Mickey's Reading Adventure $0.99

Georgia was excited about all of our loot!
(Check out that pretty "pirate" dress! - thank goodness for leggings!)

Why am I posting this?

#1) I like to share! I got some good deals today!

#2) I think thrift shopping is important for 3 reasons: buy used save the difference, support recycling, contribute to a charity. Not everything is a good deal at a thrift store, and not every thrift store is created equal. At my local thrift store, dresses are a good deal, but women's shirts are not. Children's clothes are, but baby clothes are not. Purses are, shoes are definitely not!

My favorite thing to buy at thrift stores is books. I read most books in 3-4 days. Paying $12+/book is expensive entertainment (in my it?) Buying kid's books is guilt free. When Georgia rips a page out, bends the spine backwards, colors on it - although I correct her behavior, I don't feel like she's destroying a library book and tarnishing my Rocky's hard earned money.

I love hearing about other's thrift store finds. 
Don't forget to share about your loot!

Happy Shopping!

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  1. I have NEVER had any success with thrift store shopping- I think its an art that needs mastering. I can do ebay pretty well tho LOL! Lately I'm trying to stay away from buying new things altogether but somehow stuff keeps creeping in...