Thursday, April 14, 2011

Puppy Dress

Man! I'm on a roll with these dresses lately. The combination of having to get a little creative to make new product for Fresh 1 Blankies, and finding a new blog to follow (On The Laundry Line), really gave me the itch to sew!

Georgia and I were at Joann's picking up notions, and instead of promising another piece o' crud from the $1 bin, I let her pick out some fabric. Without fail, she requested puppy dogs. I needed a super girly pattern, to compliment this boyish nursery print.

This was made from a Butterick pattern.

Close up of the fabric. Originally it was supposed to be all blue with just red shoulder ties and a red sash, but I mis-cut a pattern piece, so this is the combination we ended up with. Sewing little girl's dresses reminds me why boutique clothing is so expensive.

On the model. Can't wait till the grass in the backyard starts to grow so I can take some cute outdoor shots.
Rocky says the dress is dorky. I say she's 2, it's fabulous!

I have 2 dress ideas in my head, waiting to be put to work.
Think of all the choices Georgia will have by Easter!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. HAPPY SEWING???!!! I wish! This is amazing and just a little bit I hate you that you can turn out something like this... in your spare time!

  2. lol...yeah, happy sewing! I'm gonna get you to do it one day! lol, and then you'll be hooked, and making pillowcases all day like it's cool.