Friday, April 8, 2011

Mickey Mouse Pancakes

Having kids has enabled me to self-talk a little too much. I'm so used to babbling to my kids when we are out in public to keep them engaged and behaving, that sometimes I find myself sounding like a crazy when I'm out by myself. A couple times I have scolded myself infront of the kids for making a mistake by saying, "bad mommy."  This bad habit has to stop, because now Georgia has picked up on saying "bad mommy." Gladly though, she doesn't know how to use it yet. Here's my proof:

These are Mickey Mouse Pancakes.

This is Georgia happily eating her Mickey Mouse Pancakes.

And through a mouthful of Mickey Mouth Pancakes, she calls me a "bad mommy."
And thanks to Daddy, she also adds, "you're lagging."

Followed up by, "more please!"

Hmmmm, thankfully she's 2 and not 16!
Otherwise I wouldn't be laughing!

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1 comment:

  1. LMBO! Go Georgia! yeah I used to say "Bad Daddy" and have learned I defnitely need to stop that!