Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Skulls on Easter?

Why fold clothes?...

Or pick up "toys"...

When I can make this during afternoon nap time!

Yeah, that's's a purdy pink and white dress with skulls on it!

Of course, up close it's even cuter. There are hearts, stars, bows and roses throughout the fabric pattern. This was fabric I have been coveting in my stash for some time now, and I found a good reason to let it go...for Georgia. I'm thinking Easter, but I don't know? I have a couple more up my sleeve before I decide. I can just see her wearing this with a petty little sweater, some black mary janes, and a flowered head band. Too cute!

And wait, let me brag a second....I made it without a pattern. Yes, I have discovered the blogging world of non-patterned sewing. I LOVE IT. This particular freebie was from Craftiness is Not Optional. Of course, I failed to measure Georgia's shoulders before she want down for a nap, so I guess on the sleeve-strap length..which was a little funky. I hate ripping seams, so I improvised and tacked down the chest ruffle. Still super cute!

I went to 2 different high schools - University of San Diego High School (small private Catholic), and Rancho Bernardo High School (public and huge!). I'm waiting for others to step forward and confess that they sew too, however for now, I'm the only one!

Happy Sewing!
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  1. LOVE it! I don't sew but I can iron on a patch, does that count? lol