Thursday, June 16, 2011

SSAW - Seeing the Light

To some, my husband doesn't rock. To others, they would have walked away long ago. To me, my husband's addiction (and now sobriety) to alcohol has been the fuel to our now loving, mostly perfect, quite humorous, enduring marriage.

HOW can an alcoholic husband rock?

Rocky walked into my life in 2003. He was a broken young man - lost, struggling, and stumbling through life. Though with many faults, I believed he was a great person. Like all naive women, I thought my unconditional love could save him. I was blind to his addiction until the pregnancy of our 2nd child, in which I had to do the unthinkable and call to have my drunk volatile husband arrested.

His battle for sobriety is why my husband rocks.

Through Rocky's fight to save himself, I have come to know a truly inspiring and amazing human being.

Labeled a burden his entire life, abandoned by every male figure, and emotionally destroyed; Rocky has proven that through shear will and determination, even those that are broken to their core can rise like a Phoenix from the ash.

I have watched this fatherless man grow into a fantastic father; embracing tea parties, cloth diapers, colic, and temper tantrums. Similar to a mama bear with her cubs, Rocky is the protective umbrella for our children. He is considerate to their needs, sensitive to their emotions, consistent in their discipline, comforting to their tears, and understanding to their personalities. He is a sucker for horsey rides, extra stories at bed time, and dessert before dinner.

Not only a great husband, Rocky rocks as a best friend too. He reaches out for hugs, kisses and cuddles. He listens even when it's tough (I heart sewing), and jokes when the situation needs comical relief. He is kind but protective, and gifted with the ability to tell me the right thing to do even when I don't want to hear it. He makes me smile when I'm trying to be angry, and laugh when I feel sad. He has asked me to stand beside him through this plight, with nothing more than the promise of a lifetime in return.

Alcoholism and sobriety has given Rocky the wisdom to grow into the role-model he always desired to have in his own life. He has persevered even when the road felt long and endless. He has picked himself back up after stumbling and falling, and allowed himself to know the validity in admitting simple truths (no matter how painful). I can tell you all day long reasons why I think he rocks, but really I'm just so darn proud of him that words cannot express. I had faith in my husband, and faith that God placed Rocky in my life with reason.

Faith does not say, "I see this is good for me; therefore God must have sent it." Instead, faith declares, " God sent it; therefore it must be good for me."
Faith, when walking through the dark with God, only asks Him to hold his hand more tightly.
Phillip Brooks

Till then!

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  1. Redeeming Grace...I think real stories like this...where God makes something so beautiful out of heartache...are the ones that hit me deepest. Love this!

  2. I clicked over from Kara's blog because I saw the "mommyneedsanaspirin" link and HAD to click over.
    Wow. What a powerful story! Praise God for grace and redemption. I'm your latest follower. :)

  3. What a beautiful testimony of God's grace! Wow! Thank you for sharing! It is just wonderful to see what God can do when you give Him control of your life!

  4. Thank you so much for your post! It's amazing that we can understand each other from the other side of the world!!! It was really encouraging, and I've enjoyed reading your blog. Your husband's story was very inspiring and I think you're an awesome wife.

  5. Yay for you and for Rocky! Rocky rocks (giggles).