Saturday, December 10, 2011

Where'd You Go?

My last post was June 2011. And then I disappeared.

Well, not really, I was still here in Temecula, CA.

But, MAN! Was I busy! Houston turned 1 on April 2. Though he was an early crawler (at almost 6 mos), he didn't start walking until shortly after his 1st birthday, around the 13 mos mark. And then as we all know...he started RUNNING!

I'm one of those parents that doesn't believe in blocking off certain parts of the house. Nope, my one story 1300 sq ft abode is an entire discovery zone for a two-footed, terrorist toddler on the march. Give me a little credit though, I do baby lock bathroom cabinets (with hair ties - but to my credit, there is nothing poisonous within reach, and at 19 mos, he still hasn't figured out how to take them off), and most of my kitchen cabinets have locks on them - though he has learned how to open all of them. No plastic bags or dishwashing soap under my sink anymore! Boy is like his daddy - looking for anything to guzzle (kidding!!)

But come on! How am I supposed to put a lock on the potty when I have a three year old that makes last minute dashes, doing the potty dance, and hoping to get her pants unbuttoned before she leaks? Can you imagine what a potty latch or door lock would do to her short window? So yes, Houston spends quite a bit of time playing in the potty, cleaning the potty, putting stuff in the potty, taking stuff out of the potty, putting his fingers up his nose while they are still wet from being in the potty. Aren't little boys the greatest?

I'm still cloth diapering, still trying to be vegan-ish, still living the sober life with my love. However, we are expecting a third offspring, and luckily for me, my brain has not dissolved into complete pregnancy mush. So here I am, ready to give you some more Jake-isms. I hope you.are.ready.!

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