Friday, December 30, 2011

The Guidelines of Camping According to Rocky

Rocky and I are planning our FIRST (scary scary!) family camping trip for New Year's Eve. We used to go a lot before we had kids, but since the addition of our lil monsters it seemed more work than fun. Now that Houston is 19 mos and seems to no longer WANT to walk directly into the fire - I think we might be okay!

So, in preparation for our trip, Rocky wrote me a list of "must-haves" which he left on the desk for me to read. Since it was kind of cute, I thought I'd give you, the reader, Rocky's Top 10 Must-Haves for Desert Camping. Post to follow on whether he was right or not, lol!

1. 2 gallons of H2O per person, per day.

2. 2 well-balanced meals per day.

3. Clothing: long sleeved for days, and "snow" gear style clothing for night use and recommend to sleep in these clothes.

4. Cot or Air-Mattress - keep off ground when sleeping.

5. Sleeping Bag with temperature rating of no more than 30 F.

6. Flashlights and/or lanterns (x2)

7. Fire Wood = 4 grocery bundles per night, minimum!

8. Ignition Source - x2 (lighters)

9. Baby Wipes, lip balm, and first aid basics.

10. GPS and/or reliable cell phone source

11 [ha! notice there is an 11!] Shade source umbrella or easy-up.

Wish us luck!

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  1. Our first camping trip with our son turned into a disaster! He was only 9 months at the time and we realized really quickly that was way too young:) One thing that might come in handy is a tarp or shade tent, just something the kids can use as a play/rest area instead of the tent. Good luck!