Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blank Scrapbook Pages Make Framed Art

I am NOT artistic. Repeat. I am NOT artistic. However, I am CREATIVE. Big difference, no?

Even though my house is a relatively small 3 bedroom/2 bathroom at 1250 sqft, we have quite a bit of wall space in the main living/family room. Decorating is not something I put into our weekly budget. Cruising through the aisles of a thrift store and stumbling upon a picture frame gave me a random idea for making custom art work.

All three of the original frame purchases reminded me of something you'd find hanging on the walls of a 3 star hotel before a renovation. Dull frames, even duller objects inside the frame. I paid $5/each frame, totalling $15.

First, I spray painted the frames black. Nothing fancy. My husband works construction and brings home cans of black spray paint all the time - beggars can't be choosers! Next I headed to my local Joann's with a 25% off ENTIRE purchase AND 40% off one item. Gotta get them savings! I settled on 6 scrap book papers - 3 reflective sheets and 3 scroll sheets. I spent less than $5. I layered them each, and these are the results I got:

Total Cost for 3 Framed Pictures: $36

Here's the breakdown:
Frames (3) - $15
Spray Paint - FREE
6 scrap book pages - $5
Mattes (2) - $16

For roughly $12/picture I'm liking the way my living room looks!

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  1. great idea! i love it! i am artistic, but definitely not creative! so, i love new ideas!

  2. I absolutely love this idea! Family room decorating can get so expensive, and my husband and I simply don't have the funds to make our apartment look and feel as homey as I want. I haven't always been the craftiest or most creative person, but I'm pretty sure that I could do a simple project like this! Thanks for sharing!