Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Moms With A Cause: Vicki Lynne Clark Benefit

As moms, we often come across stories about helping families out that have children with medical needs: born with half a heart, diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, leukemia, etc. I always think about the mom that has to be the pillar of strength for her entire family as her own baby's well-being is no longer in her control.

But what happens when those moms raise their children and they themselves become sick? 

This is Vicki Lynne Clark's Story.

Within the past year, Vicki has been diagnosed with melanoma, lung cancer, lost her job, her home, her husband and is caring full time for her elderly mother who has recently been diagnosed with dementia.

According to her daughter, Shari-Lynne, while being faced with so many recent challenges, Vicki still has an incredible will to live. She has raised 6 children (and I thought I was drowning with #3 on the way), and continues to provide for all those she loves. Shari-Lynne also goes on to describe her mother has being unselfish, caring, loving, and a kind woman who is always taking care of everyone else's needs before addressing her own.

Recently Vicki had her insurance cancelled and needs to have chemotherapy to put her into remission. She needs to come up with $3500 for the year in order to continue her chemotherapy regimen. The money collected will go towards her chemotherapy, any health care needs that she may require, and/or financial stresses that arise.

I became aware of Vicki's plight through her daughter-in-law Kristine, who is married to Vicki's daughter. As a friend, Kristine was never one to ask for much - she herself was raised by a single mother. So when I saw this story I had to give - even if it was only a couple bucks.

Currently, my own mom - although 1 of 4 children and working full time as a business owner - is the sole care provider for BOTH of her ailing parents. They have also been diagnosed with dementia along with my Grandpa's type I diabetes. I know the toll it takes on my mom. I couldn't imagine adding everything else into the mix that Vicki is having to deal with.

My own mom dropped everything, and
closed her shop to help deliver Houston.
Us moms are part of this special club of understanding. We know what each other goes through, we laugh at our children driving us crazy, and share sympathies on sleepless nights and being pooped on. Even though Vicki's children are grown - she is still part of that special club.

If you would like to donate to Vicki's fund, please click here.

To share her story with fellow mommy's, please copy and paste the following link

To contact Shari-Lynne directly for other ways to help, please email
sharnurs75 at yahoo dot com.

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