Sunday, May 19, 2013


Last time I posted, we were in the middle of training to become foster parents. We had about 24 of our required 30 hours needed and were gearing up our house for the addition of more wee ones. My how things change in a blink!
A brief conversation with our neighbor about rising sale prices in our neighborhood, ANOTHER warning letter from our HOA because I didn't ask for approval to plant water conserving flowers, and Rocky's growing desire to move on from construction led us to casually inquiring about potentially selling our house.
We met with our realtors hoping for worst case scenario, and were presented three times that amount - something we were not expecting. We took a weekend to discuss what to do with this information. Where did we want to go? What did we want to do? Basically, we decided that the entire US was open to possibilities.
We made lists, compared statistics, reviewed articles, reports, and literature. We put everything into consideration. We already knew the cost of living was high for San Diego. The US average cost of living is rated 100. San Diego is 130, Temecula is 117. We kept being drawn back to a portion of the country where the cost of living hovered around 87.
In 2007, we had visited St. Louis, MO. I blogged about it here as one of our worst trips ever. It was just...interesting. While we really liked the city and everything we saw, our host scared us away. Now, in 2013, as we started researching places with cost of living in mind, Missouri kept popping back up on our radar.
Within a week of meeting with our realtors, our house pre-sold at our asking price. No open houses, no listing on MLS. Easy peasy. Escrow is set to close May 29th.
As we continue to hash out the details, I'll fill you all in. We are waiting word back from our Plan A to determine if we go to Plan B. We'll have that answer this week.
But what about foster care? It's something we still plan on doing. We learned a lot, and our heart is still set on that path. We just have to put it on hold for now. The opportunity presented before us is just too huge not to try out. We've always wanted to live outside of California, and at 30 years old, this is our chance.
I look forward to filling you all in as more information rolls in!

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